Learn about Magnets

Using Julia Language.

Physics of magnetism, and nanomagnetism, by extension, can be complex topics to digest. Here I will attempt to make it a little less complicated by breaking it down to the simplest components and using the Julia programming language to create simple simulations. If you are curious, please join me in this endeavour!

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June 10, 2022


September 1, 2021


August 10, 2021


About Me.

Hi, I am Julia, a MSc physics student, interested in physics of the magnetism, the Julia programming language, machine learning in physics, and science coommunication. 


I am taking part in the JuliaCon2022 this year! I'll be making a presentation under the Experiences Track, discussing how we use Julia in Physics and why Julia Language is well suited for Condensed Matter Physics research.

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Julia in Nanomagnetism Research

It will be a three-minute presentation on using Julia in modelling and simulating artificial spin ice systems (multi-layer arrays of ordered nanomagnets). The date and time of this mini-talk will be posted on the JuliaCon website (you can click the image on the right to view the date and time).

I am excited to share some of my work with the Julia community! 


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