About Me.

Hi, I'm Julia Frank. I am a first-year MSc computational physics student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manitoba, Canada. My research includes the study of nanomagnetism and artificial spin ice materials. Some people call me a lifelong learner and an "everlasting student." It is because I got some courage and decided to finish my bachelor's physics degree after three previous attempts, which were interrupted by some life events. I challenged myself because of my desire for knowledge, interest in science, and continuous self-improvement. Finally, I made a leap to turn my interests into a career choice and went back to university in my 30s to continue my education.

Quitting my job, where I worked for seven years, and overtime worked my way up, was not easy, but it felt like the right thing to do. And so, in the Summer of 2017, I decided to return to school.

In my free time, I like spending time with my family, reading, and gardening (weather permitting, of course :) ).

This blog is a creative outlet, a journal, and a means to connect with people sharing the same interests. It is a tool to communicate science to the world and inspire others to keep learning, exploring, and dreaming.

Please join me in this exciting endeavour to learn about the new and modern programing language Julia, magnets, and much more!