Julia Frank

Hello and welcome! I’m Julia, and this is my story – a tale of curiosity, determination, and a never-ending quest for knowledge.

A Leap Into The World of STEM.

My journey wasn’t typical. For seven years, I navigated the corporate world as an admin assistant, then a mortgage broker and an insurance broker. But deep down, I knew I was meant for a different path. That’s when I decided to dive into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

At 33, with four kids and a supportive husband by my side, I embarked on an undergraduate degree in physics. During those five years of study, I discovered the amazing world of nanomagnetism. I didn’t stop there – I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree and contemplating a Ph.D.

Interest in Nanomagnetism

My research is centered around artificial spin ice systems. It’s a world where I can merge my love for physics with practical skills in programming – especially in the Julia language. I even learned how to program a GPU! 🙂 Here, I find joy in the complexities of data acquisition and analysis and the art of presenting these findings in presentations and papers.

Sharing My World

But my journey isn’t just about academia. In 2017, I ventured into content creation by starting a YouTube channel and, a while later, my blog, ‘The Julia Journal.’ While my audience is still growing, my passion for sharing knowledge and experiences burns brighter than ever.

In the ‘Julia’s Pages’ newsletter, I explore the realms of STEM, delve into the abstract world of metaphysics, and share my personal growth as a scientist, a mother, and a lifelong learner. My goal? To make these complex topics accessible, engaging, and inspiring for you.

A Personal Invitation

I invite you to join me on this fascinating journey. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply someone who loves to ponder the deeper questions of life, there’s something here for you. Let’s explore the mysteries of science and life together.

Welcome to ‘The Julia Journal’ – a place where we can explore, discover, and grow together.

Warmly, Julia